Company history

ULYSSES (Ukrainian Laboratory of Information Systems) is an official distributor in Ukraine of world leaders in the area of banking technologies and IT solutions.

The company started in 1992  at the dawn of the era of information technologies.

In the course of working in the market of Ukraine ULYSSES  has become a partner of such world-known brands as GRG Banking, CTS Cashpro, De La Rue, EuroSec, Bass Technology, Talaris, Digital, Banqit, Hewlett-Packard.

The company has over 20 years experience of supplies and service of servers and banking equipment of world leading producers. During these years  the Company has supplied 2000 ATMs from BANQIT, 700 Teller Cash Recyclers from Talaris (De La Rue), 100 sorters, thousands of servers and working stations and other equipment and systems of financial and IT spheres.

All the equipment supplied is serviced by the Company’s certified specialists. The Service Department of ULYSSES consists of 8 

Regional Service Centers, which provide for continuous timely professional service throughout Ukraine. The service team consists of more than 30 service engineers and SW specialists.

The list of our corporative customers  includes Privatbank, Ukrsibbank, Alfabank, FIDO Bank, VAB Bank, Finance and Credit Bank, Prominvestbank, Khreschatic Bank, Forum Bank, Oschadny Bank, FUIB and other banks, Ukrposhta, GoodWine.