Настольный сортировщик банкнот CM100V

GRGInnovative cash sorting technology from GRGBanking

CM100V is the ideal cash counting and sorting solution for CITs, banks and retailers.
Precise Cash Processing

• Featured with professional and comprehensive banknote authentication technology which supports IR, UV, magnetic and thickness detection, CM100V is able to detect soiled, stained, taped, torn and dog-eared notes.

• The OCR technology and double CIS (contact image scan) realizes the capability of serial number tracking on CM100V, the serial number can be recorded in the PC, and the both sides’ image of each note will be kept on an optional image recorder. User can on-line search the serial number and image along with the operator’s name, ID, date and time.

Optimum User Experience

• 5-inch touch screen plus function keys facilitate user’s operation on the machine.

• Embedded windows operating system ensures the scalability of the CM100V unit for a better cash processing and management solution.

• High brightness digital display indicates the banknote number in the stacker.

• With Non-stop operation hopper, user can keep feeding the note. Once the cash level is lower than the pressing plate, the plate will automatically pull down to press the note for a smooth note feeding.

• The USB, RS-232 and LAN interface extend the connectivity of CM100V, so it can be connected with external LCD, printer and PC for sorting report checking, printing and uploading, to realize centralized management.

Easy Maintenance

• Easy access to the banknote transport to remove jammed notes and conduct cleaning

• Support remote updating and diagnosis