СМ400 Banknote sorter

GRGBanknote Sorting Machine

GRG’s CM400 is a high performance banknote sorting machine with cutting-edge banknote detection technology to improve cash processing speed and accuracy. By utilizing CIS (Contact Image Scan) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, images of both sides of the banknote as well as the serial number can be captured and recorded.

The Windows Embedded platform ensures the system’s scalability and a full 7-inch large LCD touch screen enhances user experience. It is an ideal cash counting and sorting solution for CIT companies, banks and retails.

Precise Cash Processing

Professional and comprehensive banknote detection technology is able to detect soiled, stained, taped, torn and dog-eared notes. Customized currency recognition algorithm divides the banknote conditions into 10 different levels, which offers accurate criteria for banknote sorting.

  • Visible light image analysis
  • Infrared image analysis
  • Transmitted light image analysis
  • Ultraviolet fluorescence analysis
  • Full length magnetic analysis
  • Full size thickness detection
  • Double side contact image scan

Diversified banknote sorting schemes, enable a more convenient, flexible and efficient cash processing management system. Once the sorting criteria has been set at the desired levels of acceptability, the banknotes can be sorted out accordingly.

  • Fitness sorting
  • Denomination sorting
  • Orientation sorting
  • Version sorting
  • Authentication
  • Value counting

Automatic serial number capturing at a speed of 12 notes/ second, the serial number can be recorded in the PC, and the both sides’ of each note will be kept in an optional image recorder. Users can search on-line for information on serial number and image, along with operator’s name, ID, date and time of transaction

Innovative anti-static design effectively eliminates the static electricity on the banknote and therefore enables our unit to handle polymer note.

Easy Maintenance

Quick and easy access to the banknote transporter to remove jammed notes and conduct cleaning

Supports remote updating and diagnosis

Optimal User Experience

7" LCD touch screen with clear operation prompts and user guides, improves the user experience.

The embedded multilanguage Windows operating system ensures the scalability of CM400 for a better cash processing and management solution.

High brightness digital display to indicate the number of banknote in the stacker.>

Automatic push-out design Once the number of banknote in the stacker reaches the batch number set, the stacker will automatically push out the note. This enables easy access to the cash for the operator.

Non-stop operation hopper User can keep feeding the notes. Once the cash level is lower than the pressing plate, the plate will automatically pull down to press the note for a smooth note feeding.

Flexible external connectivity With both USB and LAN interface the CM400 can be connected with external LCD, printer and PC for printing and uploading to facilitate centralized management and sort report checking. 





• Counting speed: 1000 notes / minute

• Sorting speed: 720 notes/ minute




• Hoper: 1000 notes, non-stop operation

• Stacker: 500 notes*4

• Reject stacker: 200 notes


Banknotes dementions


• Width:60-90mm

• Length:120-180mm

• Thickness:0.06-0.18 mm

• Support multi-currencies


Power supply


• 100-240 (±10%)VAC,50/60Hz


Power consumption


• 50W (Idle); 200W (operation)


Dimensions & Weight


• 785mm×613mm×425mm (W*H*D)

• 86Kg

Cash Processing Management