TalarisTeller Cash Dispenser (TCD9210) – Fast, automated withdrawal of banknotes at the teller position

The De La Rue TCD9210 Teller Cash Dispenser provides fast, system-controlled withdrawal of banknotes, automatically and securely. With an average transaction rate of 4 seconds, the TCD9210 enhances teller productivity and improves customer service. For maximum flexibility, the machine can be shared between 2 tellers.


Cash is stored safely in the TCD9210’s steel cabinet, which has 2 key locks. Ideal for bank branches and post-offices, the TCD9210 allows for an open-plan layout with complete security.


The dispensing section of the machine can accommodate 4, 5 or 6 banknote cassettes, according to the number of denominations required. Easily integrated into branch banking computer systems, the TCD9210 can provide real-time balance updates by denomination, customer and teller, enabling optimal handling and processing of cash.

Improved productivity

Use of the TCD9210 allows start and end-of-day routines to be greatly simplified and therefore less time-consuming. Elimination of manual banknote dispensing allows staff to concentrate on more productive tasks.

As the cash solutions experts, over 2000 commercial banks, central banks and cash-in-transit companies already rely on De La Rue’s solutions and expertise. Everyday, De La Rue’s branch automation solutions enable 12 million transactions all over the world. From self-service automation solutions, teller assisted cash dispense and deposit systems, to banknote and coin counting/sorting equipment and cash management software, De La Rue offers a complete range of solutions for cash providers.

Technical specification

Power Requirement

  • 220V – 240V 50/60Hz
  • 110V – 127V 50/60Hz
  • Consumption 500w

Dispensing document size range

  • Length: 110mm to 181mm
  • Width: 55mm to 97mm
  • Thickness: 0.06mm to 0.18mm

Dispense rate

  • Up to 15 notes per second

Cassette capacity

  • Up to 2000 notes per denomination

Number of cassettes

  • 4, 5 or 6

Maximum transaction size

  • 100 notes


  • On-line capability to a number of industry standard systems


  • Height: 665mm
  • Width: 465mm
  • Depth: 928mm (4 cass); 1075mm (5 cass); 1222mm (6 cass)
  • Weight: 183kg (4 cass); 208kg (5 cass); 233kg (6 cass)