FEEL View - ATM Management System

FEEL View ATM Management System

GRGFEEL View Express

- Multi-Vendor ATM Monitoring System

FEEL View Express helps ATM deployers diagnose their machine status 7X24H. It can detect overall ATM status and its modules operation details. It is able to monitor cassette and its remaining cash-notes in real-time. The system supports hierarchical ATM and branch management. All the monitoring results are shown in both tabular and graphical way. The instant monitoring and flexible notification via SMS or Email enable the system to efficiently direct the right person to the right location.


  • Real-time failure notification
  • Specific failure identification
  • Source shortage warning


  • Standardized functions with reasonable product price
  • Multi-vendor monitoring technology
  • Real-time ATM running status monitoring
  • Modules monitoring (EPP, Printer, Card reader, Coin, Barcode, Sensors and Indicators, Cash Recycler Module, Cash Dispensing Module, Cash-In Module, Camera, etc.)
  • Support 1,000+ physical error codes identification
  • Event management and maintenance tracking
  • Cassette Volume monitoring and Cash Replenishment report
  • Privilege of administrators
  • Customized notifications (Medium, Content, etc.)
  • Statistical report generating
  • Successfully monitoring 25,000 terminals
  • 120+ customers worldwide 
  • A decade experience in the ATM industry 

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FEEL View Professional

- ATM Management System

FEEL View Professional Edition is a system for both multi-vendor ATM monitoring and comprehensive management. The system can be extended to all-around back-office management, ranging from Status Monitoring, Malfunction Notification, Remote Diagnosis, Remote Control and Version Management.


  • All monitoring functions of FEEL View Express
  • Supports up to 10,000 terminals connections
  • Branch asset optimizing
  • Statistics: Terminal operation, transaction and software updating

Successful Cases

FEEL View Professional has been used in more than 20 installed bases worldwide with an average of 3000 terminals each. We are still supporting our customers of these projects for fast-growing numbers of terminals and further business demands.