SECOne - Security System

SECOne - Security System
GRG BankingSECOne - Comprehensive Terminal Security Management System.

SECOne is developed based on GRGBanking's professional understanding and experience on ATM hardware and software as well as maintenance services. We provide our customers a comprehensive and specific software for their terminal security.



• Avoid BIOS replacement, codes injection and boot change
• Firewall and Antivirus protect terminal from Trojan, Worm
• Protect terminals from Zero-day Attack, Buffer overflow, Malware
• USB Access, Read and Write authentication control
• ID authentication, data replication authentication and password protection
• Multi-vendor support (NCR, DIEBOLD, WINCOR NIXDORF, etc.)

Successful Cases

SECOne is successfully protecting more than 4,000 ATM for Bank of China and China Construction Bank. It is also used in oversea markets like in USA and Australia.