Cash Processing Management

GRGA Comprehensive Cash Sorting and Tracking System

The role of a CIT company in the cash circulation cycle is to secure the transfer of physical banknote between bank branch, self service banking (ATM) and cash center. The GRG cash sorting and tracking system offers a total solution for banknote sorting monitoring and banknote tracking in the whole cash circulation cycle.

The cash sorting system is a banknote sorting management platform, that connects the sorting machines in the bank branch with those in the cash center, so the sorting machine’s status can be monitored, while banknote sorting task and reports can be managed. This gives the user the ability to share and manage the cash handling information in real time.

• „„Remote monitoring of the sorting machine’s working status

• „Banknote sorting task management in the cash center

• „„Banknote sorting result management

The SeNT (serial number tracking) is another open platform for banknote tracking, which means each processed note can be tracked together with customer’s ID. This provides effective proof for any dispute or criminal activity.

„• „Serial number and banknote image recording

„• „Serial number information loading and uploading

• „Banknote tracking