Service Center

The Head Office of the Service Centre of ULYSSES is located in Kiev, while regional centers are located practically in all major cities of Ukraine. In this way we ensure continuous efficient support of our customers even in remote corners of Ukraine.

The service team consists of over 30 specialists of different profiles: from assembly men to service engineers and SW specialists. We also have our own fleet of motor cars, which allows to efficiently deal with emergency calls.

For more than 20 years the Service Centre of ULYSSES has been supporting (FLM, SLM) various equipment and systems: servers and terminals, ATMs (dispensing, deposit and recycling), electronic dispensers of notes and Teller Cash Recyclers, counters and sorters of notes (from table top of 1-2 pockets to industrial 12-pocket systems), as well as electronic queue managing systems.

While working with a wide range of equipment the Service Centre of ULYSSES fulfils a whole set of operations: preparation, integration, installation, start-up and supervision.

To keep up high professional level ULYSSES conducts regularly seminars and service trainings for its specialists. Training takes place both on the basis of the head office of ULYSSES and also abroad, when our engineers go to the training centers of our partners. Training is conducted by the manufacturer of the equipment which definitely provides for an in-depth training and perfect knowledge of the product.

In its turn the Service Centre of ULYSSES conducts different training courses for its customers. Thus on request from customers ULYSSES conducts regularly training seminars for banks’ personnel, refreshing their operation and service skills with various equipment: ATMs, TCRs, note sorters, etc.

Currently ULYSSES provides service support for over 2000 pieces of equipment: ATMs, Teller Cash Recyclers and Teller Cash Dispensers, Note Sorters.